Every Child’s Purpose

Giving your child a self-image of perceiving that God wants to use them in their world,
will shape their work and service the rest of their lives.
– Sally Clarkson

Parenting from the Heart

“… the starting point of your influence is the state of your own heart, mind and soul. If there is purity, wisdom, strength, faith, love and righteousness there, then when you pour out your life, those around you will be blessed indeed.”

Always thoughtful in trying to influence my children in all of the best possible ways, I came across this beautiful post by Sally Clarkson, who has written so many wonderful books on parenting. It talks about how the most important influence you can have on your children comes from the heart, because if you are not filled with love and joy and wisdom, how could you possibly pass those life building qualities onto your children? Something great to think about. To read the entire post, click here: http://www.itakejoy.com/what-spills-out-of-the-depths-of-your-heart-mentoring-monday/

But the beginning point of a mama spreading inspiration and faith starts with her cultivating her own heart. If she is reading scripture, pondering the heart of Christ, worshipping him and following His ways, then her children will draw the love and sweetness of Christ from her every day.

If a mama is engaging her mind in great books and growing and learning new ideas and stretching her own intellect, then her children will also be drawing from the interesting thoughts in which she has invested her mind.

If a mama is developing her character and taking small steps to become more self-disciplined, more of a servant leader, more patient, more generous with life-giving words, because of her obedience to Christ, then her children’s souls will be sprinkled with the strength of her obedience.

If she engages herself in meeting the needs of others and reaches out with the redeeming message of Christ, her children will learn not just to hear words of the gospel, but to learn what it looks like to live the gospel.

A mom is a mentor–a coach in all things excellent in life. If she is not growing in excellence, she cannot pass on to her children what she herself has.

Don’t worry so much about the right rules, the best formula, what are the right books to buy. Be concerned instead, for your soul–what are you planting there? What are you watering in the depths of your heart attitudes? Whatever you water will grow. Nothing in your heart will be long hidden–as all things hidden eventually will come to the fore.

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am honored to know that people are reading Inspiring Kids and benefiting from it — and now to be recognized for what I love — well that makes me quite happy to say the least! I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Brianne Huwe (BrianneHuwe.com) which is such a pleasure — her site is so down to earth, laughable, heartfelt, and so relatable — inspiring love and appreciation, it is parenting at it’s best.

Now, to go along with this honor, there are some rules:

– I get to display the award on my blog. Wonderful!

– I am required to write this post linking back to the blog that nominated me… which I will happily do!

– Next, I get to present 15 other amazing blogs with this award.

– I also must comment on their blogs to let them know that I did it.

– Last but not least, I have to post 7 interesting things about myself.

I’m really so thankful to receive this award. It’s so great to know that there are people out there listening and relating. I hope that everyone will keep the inspiration going, in their children and in themselves.


First, the 15 blogs I love:

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I take Joy – http://www.itakejoy.com –  by author Sally Clarkson,  full of wisdom, beauty and love, parenting straight from the soul.

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Alright now, seven things about myself:

1. I think the laughter of my children is the most beautiful sound in the world.

2. I’ve tried meditating several times. Every single time – I have fallen asleep! So now, when I have a hard time falling asleep, I meditate. Go figure!

3. I’m obsessed with matcha lattes (traditional Japanese ceremony tea) They are honestly amazing! —and bonus, it’s so good for you! If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor. I’m not kidding.

4. I have impromptu dance parties with my children — we turn up the music and dance as silly as possible. It’s awesome and they love it. They seriously have some really cool moves!

5. God has changed my life. In every single way imaginable.

6. I am writing and illustrating a children’s book. I am not a writer, nor an illustrator, but something kept waking me up at 2am every night and compelling me to write and draw. So it must be …

7. I Love books. Actually, to say that is probably an understatement. I’m always reading about 6 books at a time and I keep a running list of the next books I must read.  Right now I am currently reading: The FireStarter Sessions, Grace Based Parenting, the Bible, A Return to Love, May Cause Miracles, The Success Principles and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Lots of love and appreciation!

Serving God’s Children

So heavy on my heart every day is the question “How do I keep my children willfully following God’s word?” It seems easy now while they are so young — I hear their sweet voices singing songs of praise, their pride in reciting bible verses, their love of challenging me with questions… But I realize as every day passes, as they grow older and busier, and become more susceptible to negative influences in the world…. how do I keep God in the forefront of their minds and in the deepest depths of their hearts?

I’ve been reading and reflecting a lot on this question and I think this is a good start on what we, as parents have a great responsibility to do …

  1. Inspire them. Be the message + set the example. Live our lives as a reflection of God’s word, inspiring them to live life biblically and authentically. Make it a daily conscious commitment to fulfill God’s will for our lives and to glorify him. Encourage them. If they don’t experience it first hand they will never see it’s importance. Our actions usually speak much louder than our words.
  2. Pray for them. Every single day. Every. Single. Day.
  3. Surround them with God’s love through others who live in his word. Surround them with God centered people who love them. Let them experience first-hand all of the good and beauty in the world.
  4. Enrich their lives through prayer, reading + conversation — show them the importance of daily time in God’s word and be an instrument of his blessing. Give them a strong foundation of prayer and thanks and keep the lines of conversation open and ever-flowing.
  5. Build your home with love. Home should reflect praise and be a nurturing environment in which they learn and grow. God designed the family. We must continue to bring meaning and continuity to the life and relationship of our family.
  6. Have a vision – Make the commitment every single day. Show them direction on how to live a full and beautifully fulfilled life. Build a strong foundation that will live on with them forever. Inspire them to live with intent and purpose in God’s grace through serving others.
  7. Live in love. Let love be your greatest aim. It should be your top priority. Show them that every incident in their lives can be an opportunity to show love.

Ministering to our children is one of the most important purposes of our life. I hope if you have any thoughts or personal insights of your own that you will reply with them — it would be greatly appreciated!!

“The fundamental mission of motherhood now is the same as it has always was: to nurture, protect, and instruct children, to create a home environment that enables them to learn and grow, to help them develop a heart for God and his purposes, and to send them out into the world prepared to live both fully and meaningfully. It’s up to us to embrace that mission as our own, trusting God to walk us through the details and to use our willing mothers’ hands as instruments of his blessing.”

~Sally Clarkson, The Mission of Motherhood


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