Things kids say: What do you want to be when you grow up?

things kids say

i love spending time with our 5 year old Miles. the laughter is deep and endless. always curious, always questioning, the things he says always brings one of two thoughts to mind – I hope no one heard that!! or I hope someone heard that and could share in the fun. the other day we were driving and he asks with his signature, mischievous, and irresistibly curled grin, “Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

long pause.

how in the world do i answer this question? this isn’t exactly something that someone my age thinks about often. maybe it should be? what am i, really? hmmm, well, (and, you know, aside from the fact that I’m, well, grown up) — after much thought, i’m happy to say that i’ve been so many things in my life up to this point. i list off some things for him as i’m still thinking this over – “a designer, a writer, an illustrator, a teacher, a student… well, I guess I’m very much a work in progress, and I’m very happy that I am. But, out of all the many things I am in a day, the most important is being your mom.” by this time, he is well into thinking about something else, but I hope i at least got across to him that we are so much more than just one thing and that he can be anything he wants.

the best thing about this question is that it shows that we never stop growing and learning and that we are a culmination of so many things that make us who we are. maybe that’s the beauty of it. the future is wide open. the options are endless. we are so many things in the span of a lifetime or even in the length of a day. life is pretty amazing that way.


‘The Unique Connection’

A seemingly simple experiment that portrays a powerful heart-warming look at the special bond between a mother and child. What a beautiful reminder at how special life is. It’s hard to believe this is an advertisement for Pandora Jewelry – well done! Definitely a must see… and see again…

Love who you are

The things that make you feel awkward about yourself now may possibly be the qualities that you appreciate the most later in life.
– h.burket

i carry your heart…




Children, you can be anything…

Children, you can be anything…

you are the world

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Life is Sweet : inspiring a life of mindfulness, meaning, and magic

Life is Sweet: inspiring a life of mindfulness, meaning and magic, is an inspirational book for kids that celebrates the specialness of your child and builds confidence and self-esteem.

Life is sweet is a beautifully illustrated children’s book written to inspire mindfulness and self-confidence in your child while also celebrating just how wonderfully special and unique they are!

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Inspiration is the motivation…

Think about the love you have for your child… what is the feeling that you want to resonate in their hearts? What is the message you want to instill deep down in their soul? What are the most important things that you want them to know about creating a life of happiness and love? What are things that you think would help them most in life — things you wish you were introduced to at an earlier age?

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What makes Life is Sweet so special?

Life is Sweet is an inspirational book for kids that celebrates the specialness of your child. It connects with children through common childhood phrases and teaches them mindfulness through positive affirmations and words of wisdom. It is a message from your heart to theirs that opens up a rich dialogue for sharing a special connection. It teaches them to be mindful of their wisdom and build a strong foundation of confidence and self-esteem. It shows them how deep the meaning of life is and how truly special they are.

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This book will make a difference in your child’s life and in yours, enriching the core of their inner beliefs and transforming the special connection you have with them. It will help your child realize, at an early age, the importance that they are, the gift that they hold — for you and to the world. It will help them connect to their feelings and find strength from within that will help them so much in their years to come. It will open them up to their inner power, their creativity, and a world of possibility. It is sure to enrich their life by empowering them from within and building the foundation for a life rich with love and happiness.

parenting, children's book, inspiring kids, Life is Sweet Book, motherhood, confidence, imaginationLovingly created and beautifully illustrated

Pictures, stories, design and insight, help shape the way a child perceives the world they live in. These are some page spreads from my book showing the illustration style and overall look of the book. I’ve used a combination of illustration (hand + computer), collage, and watercolor to bring a mix of media that I think will be very interesting and fun for kids, and incorporated it in a way that I feel brings out the beauty of the book.

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A little about me

I have a very deep love for children. I want children to grow up realizing how wonderful they are and truly know the special meaning they have in this world. I want them to realize their importance and to celebrate their individuality.

As a mother this is such an important message I want to instill in the hearts of our children. Not just our three wonderful children that we’ve been so blessed with, but every child. I believe that every child deserves to grow up knowing how special they are. Every child should start their life with a foundation of love and wisdom that will help create a beautiful life for them. They should know that they are a miracle and a gift. Their life really should be sweet.

We, as parents, have the power to make a difference in our childrens’ lives. We are given the most important responsibility of influencing them. We are the hands and hearts that guide them into this world, to build a positive foundation for them, for a life filled with love and happiness. We can open their hearts, and we can open their minds to endless possibilities, to inner strength, to kindness and gratitude. We show them how important they are through our love and care. We celebrate their individuality, we cultivate their spirit. We show them how to love and how to appreciate and live life to the fullest. We show them the importance of family, of healthy relationships with friends and healthy relationships with themselves. Life is Sweet guides these principles. All these things we know in our heart and want for out children.

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The first book in a series of inspirational books

I believe that words have the power to transform. Especially at an early age, children are constantly absorbing information and forming a foundation that will influence their entire life. I want to plant seeds of love in children. I want to build confidence in them and empower them by helping them to better know themselves and celebrate all the special qualities that only they uniquely have.

I believe that words have such great power. They can bring happiness, connection, mindfulness, love. They can make a significant difference in your child’s world. They can tap into your child’s heart and mind and make that heart connection they so deeply need.

This is the heart behind Life is Sweet.

parenting, children's book, inspiring kids, Life is Sweet Book, motherhood, confidence

Life is Sweet is the first in a series of inspirational books I am creating for young children. The other books I have in progress are:

I am Beautiful — A very important book that teaches young girls that real beauty shines forth from the inside.

I Dream of Being… — A delightful book designed to inspire kids to dream as big as they possibly can, because there is no limit to who they can be.

You are Wonderfully Made — An inspiring book to teach young children how God is at work in their lives and all around them, and to help them come to have a personal relationship with Him.

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Life is Sweet is to be published in October 2014 

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

Laughter is Beautiful!

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Do you think laughter is contagious?

I think it’s beautiful. The sound of our kids laughing is one of the most beautiful sounds in all of creation.

To laugh is to enjoy life. It expresses your deep happiness and can brighten anyone’s day.
Being able to laugh at yourself builds character. It can change your mood instantly.
And really, how fun is it to laugh? – especially when you can’t stop!
Laugh with your friends, laugh at all the silly things you do, find humor in yourself.
Laugh deep and full till your stomach hurts and watch the world around you light up with joy!

*from my upcoming book “Life is Sweet”. Read more about it here:

Sweet dreams, with love.




Often after I put our kids to bed I find myself thinking an all too familiar question, “What thought or feeling do I think I’ve left them with today?” And it always comes down to one thing.

Of course I hope I’ve instilled some wonderful bit of wisdom. I hope there were memorable moments that have built them up. I hope they’ve laughed ever so deeply and uncontrollably. I hope I’ve helped to strengthen their faith. I hope they feel secure and confident. I hope there have endless hugs and kisses and warmth. I hope there have been many more words of kindness than responsibilities… But more than anything, I hope that they know how deep my love for them is. I hope they feel so unbelievably loved. Unconditionally. Deeply. Beautifully. Loved.

The love a parent feels for their children is something so special. The love I have for our children is what has inspired me to write this book. This is one of my favorite spreads. I can’t wait to share this with our children. If you’d like to learn more about “Life is Sweet” please visit :

i love you to the moon + back!


Life (really) is Sweet!


Life (really) is Sweet!!
I have been so overwhelmed by all of the support and wonderful response to the book I’m writing. Just a week in and we are already a little over 25% of the way to my goal of self-publishing. I can’t thank all of you enough who have so generously contributed and promoted Life is Sweet. Please keep sharing! The response has been amazing!

progress on my book: Life is Sweet



As many of you out there know, I’ve been hard at work on a very special children’s book called Life is Sweet. I’m about 3/4 of the way finished and the excitement is building. This really is such an important book for children. It will inspire them. It will touch their hearts. It will connect with their minds. It will reveal to them strength and mindfulness in themselves that they never knew. And hopefully it will impact their hearts. Since I’ve decided to self-publish, I’m now in the fundraising stage to get this beautiful book produced. I’ve created a site on that goes deep into the workings of it, the inspiration behind it, and the future that I hope and pray it will become. If you have a minute please take a look! It can be found here:

Every child is a gift.


Be silly!


Life is Sweet

Start something that matters.
The inspiration behind Inspiring Kids

Inspiring Kids is something very dear to my heart. This ‘space’ is all about love. I’m not calling it a blog because I think it is so much more. For me, it is hope. It is celebration. It is growth. It is gratitude. It comes from a place deep in my heart. A place of immense love for children. The inspiration for this ‘space’ comes from a book I’m writing and illustrating, entitled Life is Sweet. For such a long time I’ve felt compelled to do something that really matters. Something that might make a difference in a child’s life. I’ve realized that as I’ve started to watch our children grow that what I wish for them runs so much deeper than I originally thought. I’ve realized that there is so much that I want to inspire in them – love, grace, gratitude, confidence, curiosity, mindfulness, spirit, meaning… What I really want to do is speak to their hearts. And not just their hearts, but the hearts of the parents that read this book with them. I so much hope for this book to inspire — for this book to put more love and mindfulness into children’s lives. Life is Sweet is still in process but I wanted to share my progress with you. Creating a book is quite a journey – I hope you will follow with me in it’s creation.