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100 Promises to My Baby

100 PromisesWhen my daughter was born a friend of mine gave me a wonderful book called 100 Promises to My Baby. It was written by Mallika Chopra as a loving commitment to her children that reflects her deep awareness of the value of parenthood. I was so completely taken by the beauty of it that I was inspired to start my own aspirational writings for my children. I think that these beautiful blessings would inspire any parent to think about their own lives and values, and the genuine nature and importance of loving your children and cherishing all of those wonderful moments. This book is just such a beautiful reflection of the gift of unconditional love that a parent experiences – I felt that I had to share some of her promises…

I promise to always remember that you are my gift from God.
I promise to help you know that we are always together.
I promise to try to teach you through example, not just words.
I promise to help you see that you are perfect just the way you are.
I promise to give you gifts that build your character, values, and spirit.
I promise to help you discover your unique place in a modern world.
I promise to create a loving and enriching environment for you.
I promise to show you the freedom that comes from being able to laugh at yourself.
I promise to help you see that happiness is not dependent on circumstances.
I promise to help you see that some of the most important lessons in your life can be learned from your darkest, most challenging moments.
I promise to teach you about selfless compassion.
I promise to show you the beauty that comes from loving others.
I promise to remember that your passions are just as important as mine.
I promise to learn from your faith and innocence that good things are bound to come.
I promise to always remember that my love for you is the light that guides me along motherhood’s journey.
I promise to love you, with no limits, from the depths of my soul, even when I know that it makes me more vulnerable than I have ever felt before.
I promise to show you the power that love has to change the world.
I promise to teach you that every person serves a unique and valuable purpose.
I promise to cultivate your passions to help you realize true fulfillment.
I promise to always remember that being your mother is my most important role.
I promise to foster the magic of your imagination.
I promise to help you recognize life’s miracles.
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Things we LOVE!

These kids are an inspiration to young children and adults alike. They are part of a contest Sprout sponsored called the ‘Kindest Kid Contest.’ I caught a glimpse of this this morning and it made me so happy. It was so touching to see how beautiful and gracious the power kindness can be at such a young age. All of these are beautiful stories showing how much love these children have in their hearts for others and how much joy they feel by giving of themselves. Such sweet stories. You can see more at : Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 11.59.08 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 11.59.45 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 11.59.55 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.00.11 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.00.04 AM

Affirmation #11

Affirmation 11


Needless to say, it is so important that children believe in themselves and have the self-confidence to bravely take on new challenges and try new things.

As parents, we can help them so much by creating opportunities for them to achieve goals, by helping them learn new skills, by making sure that they know their contributions are valued, and by showing healthy encouragement and praise for making great efforts towards a goal.

Our children need to know how amazing they are and embrace the things that make them unique in order to find how their self-awareness is so powerful in growing into a strong and confident person.

Each unique and wonderfully made, let them know that if they believe in themselves they can achieve anything they dream.


Affirmation #9

Open your child’s eyes to all of the beauty that surrounds them.

We all have the ability to see beauty everywhere, we just have to be present in the moment, open our hearts, and look at things with a positive perspective. Life is full of obvious beauty — a kind gesture, a child’s laughter, a lovely sunset… but if you also teach your children to search for beauty in hard to find places, like the everyday ordinary things, or the goodness that can come out of bad, or the things we take for granted like breathing and being alive in this moment, it can help them develop an attitude of optimism that can forever change the way they live and think.


Life is Sweet

Start something that matters.
The inspiration behind Inspiring Kids

Inspiring Kids is something very dear to my heart. This ‘space’ is all about love. I’m not calling it a blog because I think it is so much more. For me, it is hope. It is celebration. It is growth. It is gratitude. It comes from a place deep in my heart. A place of immense love for children. The inspiration for this ‘space’ comes from a book I’m writing and illustrating, entitled Life is Sweet. For such a long time I’ve felt compelled to do something that really matters. Something that might make a difference in a child’s life. I’ve realized that as I’ve started to watch our children grow that what I wish for them runs so much deeper than I originally thought. I’ve realized that there is so much that I want to inspire in them – love, grace, gratitude, confidence, curiosity, mindfulness, spirit, meaning… What I really want to do is speak to their hearts. And not just their hearts, but the hearts of the parents that read this book with them. I so much hope for this book to inspire — for this book to put more love and mindfulness into children’s lives. Life is Sweet is still in process but I wanted to share my progress with you. Creating a book is quite a journey – I hope you will follow with me in it’s creation.




You are a child of God.


Inspiring Our Children

It occured to me, very shortly after my daughter was born, that, (other than the obvious my whole entire world as I know it has changed!)— that I have a very important responsibility to uphold in preparing her for the best life she could possibly have. Not exactly something to be taken lightly. So much thought on this has inspired me to do some deep soul searching about life’s meaning and what is really important and how these things affect our children.
Here are some thoughts…

BE the example:
Live Gracefully + Graciously. I think it is so important as mothers to be a great example for our children ­— to really show them, every single day, how amazing they are, how important they are, how valued they are. Not only with our words but through our actions. We need to show them how to be the person they are capable of being. They need to see kindness, acts of love, the wholeness of living. We have the power to build a solid foundation for their mindful + spiritual growth.

LIVE with intent
Living with purpose brings you peace. Children need to be shown how to live life with intent and elegance. To be taught that within their minds they hold the power to happiness, to change, and the path to their ultimate purpose. It is up to us to engage them and show them, not only their unlimited possibilities, but also how precious time is.

Focus. Children need our attention and their own personal time. They need us to listen closely to show them that their voice and their thoughts can make a profound difference in the world. We can encourage them to live greatly, to reflect on their importance and to act with confidence.

SEEK happiness
Happiness is available in every moment. This is such an important reminder. We have to be accountable for their pursuit of happiness — to show them that their impact can be great, teach them about being centered but aspirational, to celebrate their inner beauty. Time is precious, moments should be cherished, happiness is something we can choose.

Love is the center of everything good. It is the basis of our creation. Children need to know love, feel love, and radiate love from within. Love is the center of everything good and wonderful. They should know that however much they give, more will come in return. It should be our greatest aim and theirs.

We are worthy because we are here. Children should know that God made each and every one of them and that they are each designed with a purpose in mind. We are all connected through God, he lights us from within. We should always walk in that light with purpose and gratitude, and strive to be a reflection of his grace.

We are raising children of God.
We must inspire grace within them.

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