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Why we should all color outside the lines…

I think as parents we have all been in the situation where our children are producing something — be it a painting, a letter to a grandparent, a special drawing or holiday decoration — and all of a sudden it takes a turn into the land of an unidentified dark cloud or obscure Rothko-esque painting. And whether the child is beaming at you in expectation of his masterpiece or struggling to hold back the tears of not being able to accomplish his vision, it is our reaction that can use this situation to build our child up or unfortunately lead him into doubts of insecurity.

I love this post by Andrea at Stroller Savvy about Why Children SHOULD Color Outside the Lines. It talks about how we should set aside our perfectionist expectations and encourage our children to be and express themselves. Also to take a breath and really think about how our reactions can so easily taint their curiousity and confidence. Then it reflects even deeper into thinking about the big picture of what we really want for our children:

I want him to take risks and be unafraid of failure.

I want him to to express his creativity and individuality without pressure to conform.

I want him to think outside the box without repercussion.

I want him to be spontaneous and have fun without holding back.

I want him to try new things without the constraints of perfectionism.

I want him to act with passion not restriction.

As a parent it can be hard not to reflect our pressures onto our children and let them be free to grow into themselves. I thought this was a great reminder of little things we as parents can do encourage our children and not hinder their growth.

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Affirmation #26

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Affirmation #3

Affirmation 3

10 amazing qualities children can learn from their parents

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I love this post by Desirée at The 36th Avenue :

Ten valuable qualities that children can learn from their parents. She gives such simple but powerful insight into being a positive role model for your child and the importance of gratitude, integrity and loving yourself. Really loved it, a must read!   ♥


Affirmations: Planting Seeds of Love

Affirmations are simple but powerful thoughts that can have enormous impact. You can think of positive affirmations like little seeds of love and encouragement you’re planting in your children that help grow their mindfulness about themselves. These small thoughtful seeds can be nurtured to grow into an abundance of greatness in their lives, building their insight, self-esteem, and confidence, creating a strong foundation that can challenge all of those negative limiting beliefs that life presents. As parents we have the power to transform our children’s lives, through positive and loving reinforcement, instilling great values that will last a lifetime.

If you’re anything like me, my heart aches every time I see one of my children doubt themselves or let another person’s words hurt them. It makes me want to do everything in my power to make a lasting positive difference in their lives and how they see themselves. I want them to grow up confident and secure and happy, knowing deep down their immense value in this world. Looking to really tap into their hearts and their minds, I’ve looked to positive affirmations to speak to their hearts and create a lasting impression in their lives. I try to weave affirmations in their day in different ways like through little surprise notes in our daughters lunchbox or by saying them to our sons in moments of quieter loving times. Though simple little phrases, I do think they are quite powerful. I’m a firm believer that even the smallest ideas can have a huge impact if done with love and intention. And if it comes from deep down in the heart from a place of pure love, like that which you have for your child, the impact can be amazing.


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