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you have something very special to share with the world.

Kids Confidence

Affirmations for Children #25

Affirmations for Children #25

Children, you can be anything…

Children, you can be anything…

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

Anything can happen, child. Anything can be!

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How great is Shel Silverstein?

Shel Silverstein was one of the first authors that I really remember. My aunt gave me his book “Where the Sidewalk Ends” when I was very young and I remember pouring over and over it. I still have it and almost every page is dog eared and worn! I used to read it and color in the black and white illustrations, all the while dreaming along with him. I saw this quote and it brought back so many memories. Such an wonderful message for our children. Books have so much impact on our children’s lives. They help shape them as they grow. They inspire them to dream.
Does your child have a favorite go-to book? One that you know you will always keep with fond memories? I hope they have so many!

we are not of this world…



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what beautiful is.



‘Beauty is not in the face:
beauty is a light in the heart’

—Kahlil Gibran





Be silly!


your child’s potential is infinite…



i wish these words were written on the heart of every child.

your child’s potential is infinite.
you have the influence of encouragement.
you have the advantage to empower them.
you can inspire them to dream. to believe in themselves.
you know that their possibilities are endless.
created in love and perfect. just as they are.
be their biggest fan.

‘braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think’
—Christopher Robin

‘be yourself and you can be anything’ Truthbomb by the amazing Danielle LaPorte.

Every Child’s Purpose

Giving your child a self-image of perceiving that God wants to use them in their world,
will shape their work and service the rest of their lives.
– Sally Clarkson

wise words, dr. seuss


Affirmation #11

Affirmation 11


Needless to say, it is so important that children believe in themselves and have the self-confidence to bravely take on new challenges and try new things.

As parents, we can help them so much by creating opportunities for them to achieve goals, by helping them learn new skills, by making sure that they know their contributions are valued, and by showing healthy encouragement and praise for making great efforts towards a goal.

Our children need to know how amazing they are and embrace the things that make them unique in order to find how their self-awareness is so powerful in growing into a strong and confident person.

Each unique and wonderfully made, let them know that if they believe in themselves they can achieve anything they dream.


Affirmation #10

Affirmation 10

Life is Sweet

Start something that matters.
The inspiration behind Inspiring Kids

Inspiring Kids is something very dear to my heart. This ‘space’ is all about love. I’m not calling it a blog because I think it is so much more. For me, it is hope. It is celebration. It is growth. It is gratitude. It comes from a place deep in my heart. A place of immense love for children. The inspiration for this ‘space’ comes from a book I’m writing and illustrating, entitled Life is Sweet. For such a long time I’ve felt compelled to do something that really matters. Something that might make a difference in a child’s life. I’ve realized that as I’ve started to watch our children grow that what I wish for them runs so much deeper than I originally thought. I’ve realized that there is so much that I want to inspire in them – love, grace, gratitude, confidence, curiosity, mindfulness, spirit, meaning… What I really want to do is speak to their hearts. And not just their hearts, but the hearts of the parents that read this book with them. I so much hope for this book to inspire — for this book to put more love and mindfulness into children’s lives. Life is Sweet is still in process but I wanted to share my progress with you. Creating a book is quite a journey – I hope you will follow with me in it’s creation.




Affirmation #8