100 Promises to My Baby

100 PromisesWhen my daughter was born a friend of mine gave me a wonderful book called 100 Promises to My Baby. It was written by Mallika Chopra as a loving commitment to her children that reflects her deep awareness of the value of parenthood. I was so completely taken by the beauty of it that I was inspired to start my own aspirational writings for my children. I think that these beautiful blessings would inspire any parent to think about their own lives and values, and the genuine nature and importance of loving your children and cherishing all of those wonderful moments. This book is just such a beautiful reflection of the gift of unconditional love that a parent experiences – I felt that I had to share some of her promises…

I promise to always remember that you are my gift from God.
I promise to help you know that we are always together.
I promise to try to teach you through example, not just words.
I promise to help you see that you are perfect just the way you are.
I promise to give you gifts that build your character, values, and spirit.
I promise to help you discover your unique place in a modern world.
I promise to create a loving and enriching environment for you.
I promise to show you the freedom that comes from being able to laugh at yourself.
I promise to help you see that happiness is not dependent on circumstances.
I promise to help you see that some of the most important lessons in your life can be learned from your darkest, most challenging moments.
I promise to teach you about selfless compassion.
I promise to show you the beauty that comes from loving others.
I promise to remember that your passions are just as important as mine.
I promise to learn from your faith and innocence that good things are bound to come.
I promise to always remember that my love for you is the light that guides me along motherhood’s journey.
I promise to love you, with no limits, from the depths of my soul, even when I know that it makes me more vulnerable than I have ever felt before.
I promise to show you the power that love has to change the world.
I promise to teach you that every person serves a unique and valuable purpose.
I promise to cultivate your passions to help you realize true fulfillment.
I promise to always remember that being your mother is my most important role.
I promise to foster the magic of your imagination.
I promise to help you recognize life’s miracles.
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