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Author PhotoThis comes from a place of immense love,
just as the love you have for your children…

Inspiring Kids is a message from my heart to yours, created as a space to celebrate the wonder of our children, and to grow and celebrate the beauty of being a parent. It is a reminder of all those wonderful gifts we know in our hearts about the specialness of being a parent, but sometimes lose touch with in the business of our lives. My hope is that it will inspire you and help deepen your heartfelt connection with your child and remind you of all the love and importance parenting brings. Thank you for visiting and if you like something, please share the love by forwarding to a friend!

A little about me: I have 3 wonderful, highly energetic and amazing children who, every day, teach me about the depths of love and the joys that make life full. I am a designer, creator and writer, and I am the author and illustrator of the upcoming inspirational children’s book entitled “Life is Sweet.” It is a book written to inspire love and mindfulness in your children and really help you connect with your child’s heart and mind. It shows children how truly important and amazing they are, it helps build self-confidence and true happiness in their lives, and encourages them to dream without boundaries. It is a very special book full of wisdom and life lessons to lift your child up at an age where they are discovering who they are.

This space, Inspiring Kids, is a place for me to share that same message and hopefully inspire more love in the beautiful — but sometimes wild and crazy — joy of parenting!

Inspired by the 3 most amazing children in the world!








Heather Burket