Things kids say: What do you want to be when you grow up?

things kids say

i love spending time with our 5 year old Miles. the laughter is deep and endless. always curious, always questioning, the things he says always brings one of two thoughts to mind – I hope no one heard that!! or I hope someone heard that and could share in the fun. the other day we were driving and he asks with his signature, mischievous, and irresistibly curled grin, “Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

long pause.

how in the world do i answer this question? this isn’t exactly something that someone my age thinks about often. maybe it should be? what am i, really? hmmm, well, (and, you know, aside from the fact that I’m, well, grown up) — after much thought, i’m happy to say that i’ve been so many things in my life up to this point. i list off some things for him as i’m still thinking this over – “a designer, a writer, an illustrator, a teacher, a student… well, I guess I’m very much a work in progress, and I’m very happy that I am. But, out of all the many things I am in a day, the most important is being your mom.” by this time, he is well into thinking about something else, but I hope i at least got across to him that we are so much more than just one thing and that he can be anything he wants.

the best thing about this question is that it shows that we never stop growing and learning and that we are a culmination of so many things that make us who we are. maybe that’s the beauty of it. the future is wide open. the options are endless. we are so many things in the span of a lifetime or even in the length of a day. life is pretty amazing that way.


Life is Sweet

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