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Every child is a gift.


what beautiful is.



‘Beauty is not in the face:
beauty is a light in the heart’

—Kahlil Gibran





things we love! …valentine’s day

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s day? And this year I’ve seen some of the cutest Valentine’s ever. I found these adorable ones on Pinterest which is overflowing with great ideas. Makes me wish I had started sooner! These are from the site Sarah M Style, here’s the link:

ThingWeLove Valentine all Valentine 1 Valentine 2

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Affirmation #18

Affirmation 18


“There is a deep longing in the heart of every child to “make a difference”. They were hard-wired by God to want to do more… They weren’t born to be common denominators or mere faces in the crowd… God didn’t create us to ignore our potential or abandon our dreams. He meant for us to be free so that we could pursue our potential with abandon… Just as God has given us a chance to send our children into the future with a secure love, He has also given us the opportunity to send our children into the future with a significant purpose… He meant these purposes to be developed and realized. Although many people can contribute to this process, it is the child’s parents that carry the greatest potential for influence.

— from Grace Based Parenting, by Dr. Tim Kimmel