Thinking about those sweet excited faces!

I was just thinking how sweet it is that there are so many parents out there working hard tonight making little wishes and dreams come true! And then wondering if any parents have ever fallen asleep on the task!
Merry Christmas with love


Why don’t you?


Affirmation #17

Affirmation 17


Children need to know how special they are. We are all miracles. Think about how amazing that is. I love trying to help my children understand this — it’s nearly impossible to grasp. Each one of us unique and special in our own ways. Each with a special purpose. Each made in God’s image. The creation of each and every one of us a miracle in itself. Each of us made with similarities, but individually unique. It’s something to think about and appreciate. Such a beautiful part of our life.

your child’s potential is infinite…



i wish these words were written on the heart of every child.

your child’s potential is infinite.
you have the influence of encouragement.
you have the advantage to empower them.
you can inspire them to dream. to believe in themselves.
you know that their possibilities are endless.
created in love and perfect. just as they are.
be their biggest fan.

‘braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think’
—Christopher Robin

‘be yourself and you can be anything’ Truthbomb by the amazing Danielle LaPorte.

i’ll eat you up i love you so!

Eat You Up


I love Etsy.
There are so many great, original, crafty things on there.
I just adore this, so I had to share!
It can be found at the shop of Febystan.