Affirmation #16

Affirmations 16


Think about it — isn’t the laughter of your child one of the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever heard?








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I think about my time with my children as this long series of moments. There are the crazy and wild moments with laughter or crying, the big moments when something exciting or hard is happening, and there are the little moments–the ones that we barely notice because they are small and quiet.  I love the little moments with my children: the ones that are subtle and fleeting…

All of these seconds, minutes and days eventually amount to a story and then a life.  My favorite thing about being a parent is helping create moments with my children, which ultimately shape their story.  I love the incredible process of watching them become themselves, and the part I get to play in that unfolding.

from What I’ve Learned: Shelby Brakken, Photographer
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