Moments to treasure…



Is there anything better than a long, meaningful hug from your child that comes out of nowhere —the ones you wish could last forever? Hugs so sweet they seem to embrace your heart and warm your whole body with love. I cherish those moments. Hope you do too!


Affirmation #12

Affirmation 12

Loving our children

Loving our children

the days of summer…



“Summer afternoon — summer afternoon;
to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
— Henry James

The things kids say: “Thank you God for underwear!”


The last few months I’ve been very focused on teaching our 3 year old how to pray. There is the sweet singing prayer that he has learned at our church that he proudly and loudly shares with us before his meal when it is his turn to lead prayer. So insistent and never, ever forgetful that on occasion when we are out at a restaurant and our food comes, he will scream to the top of his lungs — “Pray! Pray! Praaaaaaayyyyyyyy!” with such excitement that the whole restaurant goes quiet. But for some reason at bedtime he has been much more hesitant to pray. So one night when he questioned what to pray to God about, I told him to just think of things that he is grateful for and tell God these things. Of course I offered some suggestions: “Dear God, Thank you for my loving family and friends, thank you for our wonderful church, thank you for my sweet puppy… when out of nowhere I was proudly interrupted (in the sweetest, most intentional and loving voice ever!) by “THANK YOU GOD FOR UNDERWEAR!” Now if there’s anything I’ve taught our children about praying, it is to have intent and purpose behind what they are saying, because after all, they are talking to God. Of course, it took everything in me to hold back the laughter, but he prayed those words with such confidence and meaning there was nothing to do but praise him and kiss him goodnight… and anxiously look forward to bedtime tomorrow!



Affirmation #11

Affirmation 11


Needless to say, it is so important that children believe in themselves and have the self-confidence to bravely take on new challenges and try new things.

As parents, we can help them so much by creating opportunities for them to achieve goals, by helping them learn new skills, by making sure that they know their contributions are valued, and by showing healthy encouragement and praise for making great efforts towards a goal.

Our children need to know how amazing they are and embrace the things that make them unique in order to find how their self-awareness is so powerful in growing into a strong and confident person.

Each unique and wonderfully made, let them know that if they believe in themselves they can achieve anything they dream.


A Mother’s Prayer


Why don’t you?


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The Versatile Blogger Award

I am honored to know that people are reading Inspiring Kids and benefiting from it — and now to be recognized for what I love — well that makes me quite happy to say the least! I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Brianne Huwe ( which is such a pleasure — her site is so down to earth, laughable, heartfelt, and so relatable — inspiring love and appreciation, it is parenting at it’s best.

Now, to go along with this honor, there are some rules:

– I get to display the award on my blog. Wonderful!

– I am required to write this post linking back to the blog that nominated me… which I will happily do!

– Next, I get to present 15 other amazing blogs with this award.

– I also must comment on their blogs to let them know that I did it.

– Last but not least, I have to post 7 interesting things about myself.

I’m really so thankful to receive this award. It’s so great to know that there are people out there listening and relating. I hope that everyone will keep the inspiration going, in their children and in themselves.


First, the 15 blogs I love:

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KSW – – gorgeous photography of a personally fabulous life!

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Decade Diary – – a peek inside the most beautiful illustrated diary you can imagine.

Love & Olive Oil – – stunning pictures, mouthwatering recipes. gorgeous, delicious, stunning food.

Playful Learning – -fun, playful, completely educational — for children and the parents that love them.

Picturette – –  journal of design explorations and photography.

I take Joy – –  by author Sally Clarkson,  full of wisdom, beauty and love, parenting straight from the soul.

design sponge – – spaces, places, art, community — complete design joy!

A Field Journal – – beautiful crafts and photography.

A Lovely Being – – art, music, poetry, history… pretty much everything you can think of filtered through a classically modern lense.

Lark & Linen – – gorgeously designed, selectively focused {with an exquisitely discerning eye} art, design, lifestyle, food and culture.

Design Love Fest – – just for the designer in me.

Gad•a•bout – – if you like design and fashion… this is it.

Alright now, seven things about myself:

1. I think the laughter of my children is the most beautiful sound in the world.

2. I’ve tried meditating several times. Every single time – I have fallen asleep! So now, when I have a hard time falling asleep, I meditate. Go figure!

3. I’m obsessed with matcha lattes (traditional Japanese ceremony tea) They are honestly amazing! —and bonus, it’s so good for you! If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor. I’m not kidding.

4. I have impromptu dance parties with my children — we turn up the music and dance as silly as possible. It’s awesome and they love it. They seriously have some really cool moves!

5. God has changed my life. In every single way imaginable.

6. I am writing and illustrating a children’s book. I am not a writer, nor an illustrator, but something kept waking me up at 2am every night and compelling me to write and draw. So it must be …

7. I Love books. Actually, to say that is probably an understatement. I’m always reading about 6 books at a time and I keep a running list of the next books I must read.  Right now I am currently reading: The FireStarter Sessions, Grace Based Parenting, the Bible, A Return to Love, May Cause Miracles, The Success Principles and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Lots of love and appreciation!

Children, You are Wonderfully Made…

Even though our kids are young, I find myself too often thinking about those really tough years they all face when they are trying to make sense of who they are and are challenged with the pressures of fitting in – and seriously, it troubles me. I want so much for our children to know – without any doubt or hesitancy – how unbelievably special they are, and to be fully grounded in that, and to build strength and confidence in that wisdom that will see them through anything.

I think all children need to know that it is the little imperfections and differences that build our character and make each of us beautiful and unique. Finding the beauty in our gifts and imperfections gives us an awareness and insight to our true sense of self and propels us to move forward with guided direction and value. Truly knowing yourself and accepting who you are is a very powerful thing. If you don’t know who you are, you are limiting who you can be.

I’ve just never understood why kids are always pushing so hard to ‘fit in’ and pushing out the kids who aren’t like them. I never want our kids to feel like less because they are different in some way. It makes no sense to me. Don’t they see how beautiful our differences are? I hope our children embrace everything about themselves and never try to change because of misguided thoughts. We have to remember that everyone’s idea of perfect (and normal) is different, just as everyone’s gifts are. It’s detrimental to our very being to compare ourselves with others or try to be something that we are not. In all honesty, it makes no sense. God made you just as you are, with purpose and love. You are who he intended for you to be. You should love and celebrate everything about yourself because God created you. We are each wonderfully made individuals, each special in our own different ways. You should never limit yourself by comparison or try to be something you are not. Children need to realize how special they are because that is how God made them, and in that to embrace all the precious gifts that he has given them and express the beauty and love that lives within each and every one. No matter who you are or what you do, your potential is infinite. True beauty always lies within.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.
– Psalm 139.14


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Affirmation #10

Affirmation 10