Affirmation #2

Affirmation 2


Affirmations: Planting Seeds of Love

Affirmations are simple but powerful thoughts that can have enormous impact. You can think of positive affirmations like little seeds of love and encouragement you’re planting in your children that help grow their mindfulness about themselves. These small thoughtful seeds can be nurtured to grow into an abundance of greatness in their lives, building their insight, self-esteem, and confidence, creating a strong foundation that can challenge all of those negative limiting beliefs that life presents. As parents we have the power to transform our children’s lives, through positive and loving reinforcement, instilling great values that will last a lifetime.

If you’re anything like me, my heart aches every time I see one of my children doubt themselves or let another person’s words hurt them. It makes me want to do everything in my power to make a lasting positive difference in their lives and how they see themselves. I want them to grow up confident and secure and happy, knowing deep down their immense value in this world. Looking to really tap into their hearts and their minds, I’ve looked to positive affirmations to speak to their hearts and create a lasting impression in their lives. I try to weave affirmations in their day in different ways like through little surprise notes in our daughters lunchbox or by saying them to our sons in moments of quieter loving times. Though simple little phrases, I do think they are quite powerful. I’m a firm believer that even the smallest ideas can have a huge impact if done with love and intention. And if it comes from deep down in the heart from a place of pure love, like that which you have for your child, the impact can be amazing.


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Inspiring Our Children

It occured to me, very shortly after my daughter was born, that, (other than the obvious my whole entire world as I know it has changed!)— that I have a very important responsibility to uphold in preparing her for the best life she could possibly have. Not exactly something to be taken lightly. So much thought on this has inspired me to do some deep soul searching about life’s meaning and what is really important and how these things affect our children.
Here are some thoughts…

BE the example:
Live Gracefully + Graciously. I think it is so important as mothers to be a great example for our children ­— to really show them, every single day, how amazing they are, how important they are, how valued they are. Not only with our words but through our actions. We need to show them how to be the person they are capable of being. They need to see kindness, acts of love, the wholeness of living. We have the power to build a solid foundation for their mindful + spiritual growth.

LIVE with intent
Living with purpose brings you peace. Children need to be shown how to live life with intent and elegance. To be taught that within their minds they hold the power to happiness, to change, and the path to their ultimate purpose. It is up to us to engage them and show them, not only their unlimited possibilities, but also how precious time is.

Focus. Children need our attention and their own personal time. They need us to listen closely to show them that their voice and their thoughts can make a profound difference in the world. We can encourage them to live greatly, to reflect on their importance and to act with confidence.

SEEK happiness
Happiness is available in every moment. This is such an important reminder. We have to be accountable for their pursuit of happiness — to show them that their impact can be great, teach them about being centered but aspirational, to celebrate their inner beauty. Time is precious, moments should be cherished, happiness is something we can choose.

Love is the center of everything good. It is the basis of our creation. Children need to know love, feel love, and radiate love from within. Love is the center of everything good and wonderful. They should know that however much they give, more will come in return. It should be our greatest aim and theirs.

We are worthy because we are here. Children should know that God made each and every one of them and that they are each designed with a purpose in mind. We are all connected through God, he lights us from within. We should always walk in that light with purpose and gratitude, and strive to be a reflection of his grace.

We are raising children of God.
We must inspire grace within them.

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A Prayer for our Children

I’m sharing this beautiful prayer by Marianne Williamson with the hope that it might resonate in the heart of every parent who reads it…

Dear God,

There are no words for the depth of my love for this child.

I pray for her care and her protection.

I surrender her into Your hands.

Please, dear God, send Your angels to bless and surround her always.

May she be protected from the darkness of our times.

May she always see You at the center of her life.

May her heart grow strong,

To love You and serve You.

I surrender, dear God, my parenthood to You.

Make me the parent You want me to be.

Show me how to love most patiently, to be there for her most fully,

To understand profoundly who she is and what she needs.

May this family be a blessing unto her now and forever.

May she learn here values and principles of love and righteousness.

May she learn from me kindness.

May she learn from me strength.

May she learn from me lessons of power:

That she has it and

Must surrender it to You, to be used for Your purposes throughout her life

For thus You shall be gladdened,

And thus shall she be free,

To live most fully and love most deeply.

That is my wish.

That is my prayer for her and for me forever.


– Williamson, Marianne
Illuminata: A Return to Prayer


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